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Acerola Juice Powder

To help your company create premium products tailored to all your desired applications, PowderPure offers three types of powder, each with unique benefits. While every powder we create retains the original nutrition, real color and full flavor of its raw material—and consistently outperforms competitors in every category—the variety we offer helps your business narrow your focus to the exact attributes needed for your ideal end product.

  • Our whole powders provide the ultimate combination of nutritional integrity, flavor and color for a multitude of applications.
  • Our juice powders provide excellent flavor and vibrant color for liquid formulations and require little to no carrier during processing.
  • Our pulp powders provide highly concentrated nutrition for supplementation and serve as a pure alternative to artificial carriers.

Our acerola juice powder retains all the original color and flavor compounds found in Brazilian-grown acerola, a cherry-like fruit that contains 32 times more vitamin C than oranges. Acerola juice is an excellent ingredient for use in the food, beverage and cosmetics industries, most often as a nutrient booster for orange juice substitutes but also as a nutritious flavoring for tart foods. Our acerola juice powder can also be formulated into baked goods or vitamin C capsules and has great antioxidant potential in topical body products, especially face lotion.

PowderPure is introducing a new standard for acerola powder. Our pioneering technology yields acerola powder that reaches almost 30 percent vitamin C—with a guarantee of at least 25 percent every time—and contains absolutely no synthetic ascorbic acid.

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